Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Day.

On January 1st this was the view outside our bedroom window. It was a cold and gray morning and all was quiet and very still. It was SO quiet. I assumed that the whole city was still asleep after the celebrations of the night before. The balloons were an explosion of color happily swaying in the cold breeze. I knew right away that this was a sign. A good omen promising that the coming year will be a positive one.

This week has been all about organizing and preparing. Updating my blog and website, writing posts in advance, scheduling meetings and making many to do lists. The studio has gotten a complete make over, is cleaned up and ready to go. The art supplies that Santa brought are laid out all shiny and new, waiting to do their thing.

I could list all my resolutions and goals for the coming year but I won't bore you with personal details. I will share with you what inspires me and little bits of 'happy' along the way. I'd like to celebrate the positive in the coming year (and beyond.) How about you? What's inspiring you these days? Are you making time to do the things that make you happy and fuel your passion? What will you do to make this year a positive one?