Sunday, January 30, 2011

Inspired by the Street.

I've been inspired lately by what I see in the streets as I make my way around. They seem to be everywhere in this neighborhood.

Graffiti. Street Art. I don't know who the artists are but I admire their free spirit. The bold colors are in your face.

I see them purely as abstracts.

Bold uses of shape and color and graphic black and white.

"Art Is"  40x40  Mixed Media on Canvas.

I finished this large mixed media abstract last Friday with graffiti walls as inspiration. I began by covering the entire canvas with magazine pages from an old issue of Canadian Art. Then many layers of paint and a few circle stamps later "Art Is" was completed.

"Art Is" detail. I left some small areas of magazine pages showing. Upside down is more interesting don't you think? This painting would work well in an urban loft or in an office or public space.

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of collage and painting on a large scale and am quite happy with the results. I think I'll continue with a series of abstracts.