Monday, December 20, 2010

See You in January 2011.

It's been fun preparing for our first Christmas in our new downtown loft. Decorating the condo has been kept to a minimum with a large bowl from Ikea filled with assorted Christmas balls. A smaller dish is filled with a homemade potpourri of anise stars, cloves and cinnamon sticks, and this year instead of a traditional tree, I've opted for a few decorated Dogwood branches displayed in an old champagne bucket. There's also a small tree with twinkly lights on our balcony.

There is just so much to be done now that this will be my last post of the year. I'm preparing for a major show that starts in January. Remember this post? Well I'm finishing up the new paintings that will be part of this 3 month solo show. I've also started a major clean up of my studio in preparation for some mixed media painting that I plan to do over the holidays. Yay!! some painting time just for me is always a treat.

The holidays will be spent close to home this year with immediate family. It's all very laid back and we even get to sleep in on Christmas morning, much different than when we had a little guy running around the house.

December 31st is a very special day as our "little guy" turns 19 this year. So it will be dinner out at his favorite restaurant and then a quiet night in for us after he's off to celebrate the night with his friends.

The week after Christmas and before New Years Eve has become a favorite time of year for me. All the craziness of shopping and preparing is done, Christmas celebrations are over and after the clean up there is time. Time to reflect on the year that's past and to anticipate all the possibilities for the new year ahead. Out with the old and in with the new. So I finish this last post of 2010 with a big


Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays
Happy New Year

See you all in January.