Friday, October 1, 2010

Back From Vegas Baby!!

The iconic sign.

I love the fifties retro feel in old downtown Las Vegas.

We went to Vegas and saw the world. Here's New York.

We also saw Venice.

Here's the view from our room in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. We were 31 floors up and saw the beautiful fountains of the Bellagio Hotel and the Paris Hotel. Love the big hot air balloon.

Returned home from a four night stay in Las Vegas this past Wednesday evening. The jet lag has subsided and I've been going through hundreds of photos. This was my (our) first time in Vegas as I was surprised with a long weekend away to celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. It was four days of non stop walking and riding around on the monorail. We rented a car for 24 hours (a Porsche 996 Carrera) and drove through the desert to Red Rock Canyon and the Hoover Dam, as well as up and down the strip quite a few times and downtown.

We were even thinking of renewing our wedding vows in a drive through chapel but ran out of time. I did have my picture taken with a street Elvis though. Four days was definitely not enough time to see all of Las Vegas but four days was plenty. I think I still have sensory overload from all the flashing lights and ringing bells and the never ending drone in the casinos. It was FUN and I hope we can get back sometime.

I am so full of inspiration as it was everywhere. The colorful neon, and the gorgeous colors of the desert. New Vegas inspired paintings are in the works!