Monday, June 7, 2010

AGO and the Galleria Italia.

Last week was the first time (I'm very sorry to say) that I visited the Art Gallery of Ontario since it's big addition took place. Did it not just reopen yesterday?? No, it was reopened in 2008 and here 2 years later I visited. Not proud of myself about this, so when I heard that my BFF would be in from Kingston for the day, we decided to do the AGO. The building's exterior is absolutely gorgeous, thank you Frank Gehry, and it houses some of the most breath taking art you will ever see. As well as the special events and travelling exhibitions it's home to some of the best works of the Group of Seven. My fave part of our gallery day was the Galleria Italia. Through large wooden doors we passed into an incredible vision of wood, glass, and sculpture. We marveled in this galleria for a good 30 minutes and we both agreed that it was the best part of the day. The glorious sunshine streaming in through the glass was almost heavenly. I think I'm treating myself for my birthday and will become a member of the AGO. It's definitely a must see.