Monday, April 19, 2010

A Good Fortune.

With both my husband and son into Formula1 racing, it was natural for me to get into watching it as well and it's become quite the tradition in our home. Part of the tradition is to have a themed breakfast while watching the race. My fave is the Monaco race when I get to have croissants (a rare treat) and coffee. This past weekend the race was in China, so we ordered Chinese food on Saturday evening with the guys to have leftovers on Sunday morning while watching the recorded race. I always like to check my fortune cookie and have received some great ones which I keep on my vision board. This is the fortune I got this time. "You will receive an unusual gift" I thought about it for awhile and left it on the coffee table where it's been until this morning when I read it again and realized that my fortune came true and I received my unusual gift on Sunday morning.

While half watching the race and straightening up in the kitchen, I stopped to check my email and there it was. A letter from artist Melody Madden. She had been checking out the Art Interiors site, came across my work and liked what she saw enough to send me an email telling me so. Receiving compliments about my work is wonderful, and receiving a compliment from another artist is extra special to me. I of course went right to Melody's website and blog, began reading and was amazed at how much we have in common. We are both artists, like nature, trees and big skies seem to be fave subject matter. We are both mothers to teens, like Starbucks, have cats and have both had our work shown on Cityline. Isn't it funny how the universe works at times? Please check out Melody's blog and website and keep checking those fortune cookies. You may get a nice surprise!