Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sun Worshipping.



It's been so cold here for the last few days that I'm happy to be "stuck" in the studio painting. I only ventured out for a very short trip to Starbucks with an artist friend on Tuesday. It feels really good to be back in painting mode as I took such a long break last month. I've got five large paintings in various stages scattered about and another four canvases prepared with texture only.

Last year my focus was getting out of my comfort zone and playing more with my art. I happily explored new techniques and styles combining painting with mixed media. I exhibited these paintings in "Metamorphosis" a duo show with artist Anne Barkley at Leonardo Gallery. You can read about that here and here. The round robin altered book collaboration with Inner Works has come to an end and each of us have our books back, chock full of beautiful additions made by the group. I'm not to sure how the final posting of that will happen yet but be prepared to see some awesome mixed media work.

This year I've decided to really focus on my gallery work. That means larger paintings that are more time intensive. Most of my painting has to be done in the early part of day because when the sun comes in the studio window it's much too bright for me. That's also when I lose my space to our two sun worshippers Iggy and Nami. They both enjoy the warmth of the sun as all cats do and I don't have the heart to shoo them away.