Monday, January 25, 2010

Kimberley Seldon, Cityline, and Art Interiors

I was happy to find that Kimberley Seldon was on Cityline again today. Kimberley Seldon is one of my favorite designers as you can read here in a blog post I wrote almost exactly one year ago. Kimberley and her design group have certainly come a long way since I first became aware of her years ago on a "call in" design show and then later with her show "Design for Living". As well as being a designer with an international reputation, Kimberley offers courses and workshops in interior design for professional and non professional designers, shopping events and design excursions to such glorious destinations as Paris and Tuscany.

I was very happy to have met Kimberley in person (very briefly) at a trade show a few years ago where she was speaking and thanks to technology, connected with her on Twitter just recently.

Through Art Interiors, Kimberley and her design team have purchased my paintings for clients, and I've seen my paintings on Cityline numerous times either in house tours or hanging as part of the set. This is always such a big thrill for me. Thanks so much Kimberley!

Here, "First Light" 30x40, hangs in a clients bedroom. Imagine my surprise while enjoying her website, I came across one one of my paintings. Major gratitude here!! Kimberley Seldon is also the decorating editor of Style at Home magazine and has a list of accomplishments to long to mention here. Please check her website and blog.

All photos are from Kimberley Seldon Design Group