Monday, January 25, 2010

Bright and Sunny

Everybody's Talking 12x24 Acrylic on Canvas
Available at Art Interiors

Bright and Sunny 40x40 Acrylic on Canvas
Available at Art Interiors

New work (6 paintings) were delivered to Art Interiors this past Saturday. "Everybody's Talking" is a continuation of my bird series. I'm really enjoying working on these paintings. Some have hydro/telephone poles in them and some just have a hint of treetops and birds on wires. I guess I must be craving spring. It really shows in my paintings. "Bright and Sunny" is quite large and continues my love of the birches series.

I've been working on new landscapes as well and will get some photographed and on the blog soon. I'm also finishing up on a new project that I've mentioned before but am not quite ready to reveal yet. Off to the studio now.