Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inspire Me.

There's one thing I know for sure about the first few weeks of a brand new year. I need inspiration. January in Canada, at least here in Toronto, can be quite harsh. Cold and gray with little to no sunshine. I need color to pick me up.

That's when I turn to my mood board for a little color and inspiration jolt. I've written about my mood board here and here. This time I did things a little differently and I didn't even take my mood board off the wall for a re-do. I turned to my file of tear outs from my magazine stash. Yes, I'm a magazine junkie and I have piles of them. Every now and then I do have to thin out my collection but before I put them in my recycling bin, I tear out every page that might inspire me someday and put them in a file folder.

Today when I needed a little color pick me up, I went to my file and took out a hand full of sheets and started to lay them out on the floor. This is a quick and easy way to get some instant eye candy and for me at least is just about as good as a hit of caffeine. Instant mood overhaul.

I did a few different layouts with different sheets and came up with one the really appealed to me. And when I was done I just gathered up the sheets and put them right back in the folder. Ready for the next time I need a little bit of color inspiration. How about you? What's inspiring you these days??