Friday, January 15, 2010

The artists studio. The place where the artist makes the magic happen. For some it's a small room, a space carved out from another living area. For some artists it's a large space perhaps separate from where they live, dedicated to their art/craft.

My space is not large but it's perfect for me. I work in the living/dining area of our not too large apartment. The dining space is dedicated to my art. I have an easel and a large glass table from Ikea. There's plenty of shelving for supplies and large windows that face west.

Some days my studio is clean and neat and styled for photographs. This is not very often. Mostly it's messy with supplies and canvases in various stages strewn about. Total creative chaos.

And of course I have my studio helpers (our 2 cats Iggy and Nami) that keep me company and make sure everything runs smoothly.

at the Altered Page has a wonderful post on studio spaces. He has studio shots of over 95 artists that took part in The Pulse. I always find it fascinating to peek into the lives of other artists and see how they work and how they have their studios set up. How about you? Do you have a space carved out where you can be creative? Are you an artist with a space dedicated to your art/craft? Feel free to share links with your comments.