Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Friend Lynn Kelly's Art Installation.

I had the pleasure recently of seeing my friend Lynn Kelly's exhibit at the Red Head Gallery in Toronto. The Red Dot Show is a group show of the Red Head Gallery members and incorporates paintings, photography, sculpture, video and sound work. Curated by Anastasia Hare.

Lynn Kelly maintains a philosophical and spiritual narrative in her painting and sculpture. She conveys an interest in emotional and psychological effects of transient lifestyles in our rapidly shrinking world. By painting one square at a time, Kelly maintains control over what she can do. As images emerge from the viewed canvas they form uncontrollable and inevitable conclusions. The square canvas provides a neutral format that has no direction, and is automatically balanced and symmetrical. The colours reference moments of joy and times of intense emotion: cities at night, water reflections, and ice crystals.

My photographs do not do Lynn's installation justice as you can't see all the details in the paintings. You can see more of Lynn's work on her website. Lynn will also be exhibiting at the Artists Project in Toronto in March 2010.

Pictured above is Chelsea Series 2,3,4,5,7,9, City Series 1-2 No Title 2009 oil on linen and Mobile Sculptural Component, mixed media & electric motor, variable heights 2009

edited at 5:41 pm. I forgot to mention that the show closes this Saturday, December 19.