Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bits of My World Right Now.

Painting time in the studio is almost zero these days leading up to Christmas although there have been art related events, discussions and meetings happening. A special thank you to Jackie of Paula White Diamond Gallery as I now have selected landscapes on view in the head offices of Open Text in Waterloo Ontario.

There's lots of prep going on for exciting news I will share with you in the new year. I've been gathering supplies for new mixed media paintings and have been inspired by the sights of the season. Metallics and shiny things like tinsel and sparkly lights. Shades of blue and grey and white. Natural elements. I'll also be painting new landscapes for upcoming gallery shows.

Time has been on my mind because it seems to be flying by faster than usual lately. Is that even possible? Erik turns 18 this New Year's Eve. How did that happen?

Looking forward to our Christmas visit with family and friends in Montreal. If it's anything like the last couple of Christmas visits, we are guaranteed plenty of snow.

Remembering to slow down and really enjoying those special moments.