Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Evergreen Fair and The Vintage Gardener

I was fortunate to have won a pair of tickets to the Evergreen Fair presented by the Vintage Gardener. Reading so many blogs does have it's advantages as I discovered this ticket give away while reading favourite things blog. I then headed over to the budding gardener blog and left my comment and the tickets were won. Yesterday my friend Gabreila and I went to check it out. The Distillery is the old Gooderham and Worts distillery in downtown Toronto. It's a pedstrian only village and has many galleries and reataurants and shops as well as artist run studios. The Evergreen Fair was in the fermenting cellar, a huge space that's all exposed brick. A beautiful space to hold an event like this. There were venders selling lush greenery all bundled and ready for seasonal decorating. The scent of fir and spruce and lavender filled the room. We watched a demo by Elaine of the Vintage Gardener, and her 2 helpers, her son and Tara Nolan who writes the budding gardener blog. All in all it was a beautiful way to spend the day.