Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Already?

Islands 36x60 Acrylic on Canvas
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Good Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was a flurry of activity. The usual weekend chores with a whole lot of work thrown in. I finished up a few larger paintings, and even delivered 3 paintings including "Islands" to Canvas Gallery.

Last week in my blog reading frenzy I came across Simply Hue. A delightful blog with lots of color. Vicki is an artist and color consultant and her blog is a wonderful reflection of this. She even has an Etsy shop Simply Hue Designs featuring her lovely photography. I just love the retro feel to her photographs. I'm happy to say that I and Red Banana (my Etsy shop) is one of 15 artists that will be featured in Simply Hue's Artist Spotlight, in the first week of November. Click here to see Vicki's post and the list of artists.

For now it's in to the studio I go, as I'm madly working on new mixed media paintings that will soon go in my shop. I'll keep you posted!