Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Be Your Own Super Hero Zine

October is breast cancer awareness month. Yesterday, I found a lovely envelope in my mailbox. You see last week I read this post on Sherry's blog, Everyday Possibilities. I immediately followed the link and found myself at So You Want to be a Super Hero, a new project created by Sherry Smyth along with 7 contributors, all women, artists, bloggers and super heros. In this wonderful zine, each contributor tells in her own words what being a super hero is to them. The zines were $10 ($2 for postage) and the remaining $8 going towards the Canadian Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I read the zine from cover to cover last night and found the stories very inspiring. It seems rather fitting that I'm talking about this project today as it's Pink Thoughts Thursday over on Sherry's blog.

"While this zine has been produced as a breast cancer fund raiser, it isn't just about having breast cancer, or trying to conquer breast cancer. It is about hope, faith, spirit and love. It is about knowing how wonderful we are, what joy we can discover about ourselves, one another and in the world around us."
Sherry Smyth