Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Acrylic Painting Demo-Steps 7-8

Step 7. Add another layer of paint to the sky area, blending edges with a damp paper towel. Add some highlights to the water. When this is dry add some very thinned out burnt umber and dark green to the water in sections to resemble shadows in the water.
Step 8. Let your painting dry thoroughly. Have a good look at it and add highlights where you think they should go. Here, I've lightened the grassy area in the center and added highlights on the grassy sections in the front.

See the details in the grass and water. You can really see the texture of the canvas and some of the red oxide coming through the green.
Completed Painting

So here's the finished painting. I hope you've enjoyed this little demo. If you've purchased a painting from me at an art fair or show and asked me how I get that "fuzzy" look and I tried to explain it to you, now I've shown you. It's easier to get when visuals are provided. If you paint and are going to try this technique, I hope I've explained it well enough. Please feel free to share what you've come up with. Don't be shy. Leave a comment and a link if you have one. Show us what you've done.