Friday, May 8, 2009

Getting it Done

Secret Garden 12x24

The past few days have been crazy busy here in my studio. I meant to post my demo but haven't even had a chance to finish it. OK, I didn't start it, but it's all here in my head ready to go. Next week won't be so intense as all will be done. Today I need to get every painting for this show finished, signed, catalogued, varnished, and photographed. It's been a long few months preparing for this gallery show, but now basically all the hard stuff is done and I can focus on the fun part. The schmoozing (actually, that's hard for me, not really a schmoozer) the artist's gallery talk, the opening reception, the champagne, etc. etc. As "Metamorphosis" is a duo show with fellow gallery artist Anne Barkley, it won't be so stressful (for me) as we will each have to speak during the artists talk. Here's what the media is saying about our show.

"Metamorphosis" is centred on the notion of change of structure and transformation; the show brings together Vindedzis and Barkley to explore the process of painting with a new sense of freedom. Through subtle shifts and varying media approaches, the artists give fresh new meaning to painting.

"Secret Garden" (above) is a painting that I posted here a few months ago. It's been hanging here on the studio wall for the past few weeks, not quite finished. I worked on it all afternoon yesterday and now it's done. It will be in the show.