Friday, February 6, 2009

A Fabulous Friday

Another glorious sunny day painting in my studio. Well not just painting, multi tasking. Doing loads of laundry and other odds and ends while waiting for paint to dry. This is the picnic table outside my studio window. By next week all this snow will melt as we are expecting a bit of a thaw. Spring can't come soon enough for me and I'm really enjoying the sun streaming in after what seems like a very long January. Today's been a great day. Friday still has a feel, even though I'm working here usually on my own. I still get that special energy on a Friday knowing that a productive week is behind me and anticipating the weekend. And to make a good day even better, when I tuned into Radio Nigel they were playing Joe Jackson followed by Simple Minds. I'll be finishing up 3 small paintings this afternoon, cleaning up the studio and then making homemade pizza for dinner. I think I'll take some photos and show you next week. What are you doing this weekend?? Something fun I hope.