Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cityline, Kimberley Seldon and Style at Home.

Winter Berries 6x6 mixed media on board
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Do you watch Cityline? I do, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These are the days when the theme is usually home, design, decor, DIY. One of my favorite celebrity designers, Kimberley Seldon was a guest today. As well as running her business Kimberley Seldon Design Group, she is also the contributing decorating editor at Style at Home Magazine. I had the pleasure of meeting Kimberley a few years ago at a trade show. I've always liked her style and design sense but what really impresses me is how supportive she is of artists and the local art community. The theme of todays Cityline episode was High Low Decorating and when Kimberley was asked "what would you splurge on" she replied "It's a personal thing, but I would definitely splurge on original art." And not because she considers it an investment, it's because she believes it's so important to support local artists and your local art community. She also went on to say that in a recession artists get hurt very badly so it's important to support them. "It's a measure of society's well being." Thanks for saying this Kimberley!!! and as an artist, thank you for your continued support. Kimberley and staff have been very supportive of myself and the many other artists at Art Interiors. So there you go. You can support your local arts community and artists by visiting galleries where you live. Local outdoor art shows and festivals are a great place to find great affordable art, and many artists sell right off their blogs and websites. And remember, art is an emotional investment, buy what you love.