Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Mood Board

I spent a little time today re doing my mood board. It's been awhile since I changed it up and I was inspired by this post on Decor8 blog. So here it is. This is what has been inspiring me lately. I'm favoring neutrals mostly. Black, white, and shades of gray and beige. When I feel I need a shot of color I've been turning to bright lime greens or that soft aqua blue, that I've used here and here. I've been dreaming of large loft studios with lots of space and really large windows. A space where I could spread out. I've also been wanting to display my work in different ways. Perhaps I'll move things around here in the new year to change things up. I've been thinking of putting up a ledge to display smaller works. My mood/inspiration board is a compilation of magazine pages, my work (sketches, ideas, print outs) and little bits, odds and ends. Anything that will inspire me.

I'm always inspired by other artists work so I have a couple of their cards that I've picked up at galleries and display these as well. My mood boards are usually reflective of the season that we're in as I find I'm influenced by the weather and amount of sunshine and daylight.

And in keeping with Holly's request, I dedicate my mood board to Wind Lost-I so love the look, and Melonhead Knitwear-the most artful knitting.