Friday, September 19, 2008

Farewell Summer

This is the last official weekend of the summer as we enter into autumn early next week. So I say goodbye to the summer of 2008. All too short, and oh so sweet. We are expecting wonderful summer like heat and humidity here on Saturday so it will indeed be a great opportunity to get out and enjoy summer one last time. This weekend I plan to

-do the usual trip to Costco and stock up for the week
-get fresh veggies from the market
-visit the new Bath and Body Works that just opened up in the mall
-take the new large comforter that doesn't fit in our machine to the laundry mat
-take out air conditioners on Sunday
-reorganize closets once air conditioners are put away
-tidy up art supplies which are spilling onto the dining room table
-clean out the "everything" drawer in the kitchen
-finish the mixed media paintings that I've put off all week
-photograph new art for Etsy
-get flickr
-take a long walk
-spend time with my guys
-watch a movie
-enjoy a margarita out in the sunshine

Have a great weekend everyone!!!