Wednesday, February 27, 2008

winter blahs

I like to think that as an artist I am quite well organized and have got the "business" of art under control most of the time. I work from home and have the area designated for a dining room as my studio space. Like most busy families our mornings can be somewhat chaotic but when my husband leaves for his office and my teenage son is out the door for school-my workday begins.
It's important for me to paint everyday. This happens naturally if I have a gallery show coming up and am working on a series of paintings. Sometimes I spend months working on canvases. I will usually work larger works from smaller sketches and colour roughs. I did that in preparation for the paintings now hanging at Pi Fine Art. I spent 3 months on those paintings-it was very intense at times as it was just before Christmas and I had alot of other things to do at the same time. These past few days, I've been very slow to get started on anything. I think that all this cold and snow and mostly cloudy days are getting to me. My thinking has been fuzzy and I have not been inspired to do any painting. I have the winter blahs!!! I did this painting last fall just for fun. I hadn't painted flowers in a long time and just wanted to do something different. Now I stare at it and hope that inspiration and spring comes very soon.