Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Living With Art.

Are you familiar with the Altered Page?  The Altered Page is all about mixed media. Seth Apter, the genius behind this blog, is a mixed media artist, author and designer based in NYC. I had the pleasure of collaborating on a mixed media altered book collaboration with Seth (and four other very talented mixed media artists) a few years ago.

'Living With Art' begins this Thursday on the Altered Page. Seth is showcasing how people live with art and display art in real life settings. I sent my photo to Seth a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd elaborate a little more here.

As a professional working artist that lives and works in the same space, living with art is the norm. I have my paintings hanging on every wall and switch them up often. I finish the paintings, they go up on the wall, they go out to a gallery, the new ones take their spot and the cycle begins again.

It's important to me that the arrangements are pleasing so I try to hang them in a curated manner. I like to hang them in groupings of odd numbers, and I will often perch the smallest ones on a bookshelf.