Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dreaming of Spring.

There has been much going on in my little studio. Even on the days when the windows wouldn't open because of the freezing temps and I couldn't paint. There was paperwork, blog writing, banking, social media and marketing to be taken care of. So when I finally had some actual painting time today, I was thrilled.

As an artist, the inspiration, prep work and the actual painting are the favorite parts of my job. Today I'm working on a medium sized painting for a client and it needs to be done fast. Thankful that I work with acrylics and have my hair dryer handy.

I'm painting a quiet scene using yellows and greens and blues. Birch trees. A subject I've painted many times but never tire of. As I mix the colors on my palette I'm relaxed and happy. I've mixed up this pale shade of green blue with just a hint of gray so often that it just feels natural.

As I paint the blue onto the canvas and create the background I get into my 'zone'. I'm not bothered by the construction noise or traffic from the street, or the sirens off in the distance. In a way, I'm transported into the scene that I'm painting. Blue sky, leaves gently swaying in the warm breeze. Birds chirping. This zen moment has left me craving an early spring for sure. I hope mother nature complies.