Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Studio Update Part 2.

Hello. Did you miss me? I know I've been a bad blogger lately :-( With so many different projects on the go, travelling about, and an ill family member, it's been a challenge keeping up with social media.

Changes are happening and they are all good. The website is coming along nicely and I am the one causing delays. As soon as the new paintings are finished they will be photographed and then it's all systems go.

The work for my Cityline segment is getting done in a timely manner. Walls were painted this past weekend and they look gorgeous. Amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. The floor cloth was a bit of a challenge in the end and that will be a whole other blog post. Stay tuned.

So with all the cleaning and organizing that comes along with painting the walls, I've realized that my small live/work space is being overrun with paintings and artwork. I'm in the process of organizing an open studio sale with artist friend. I'll post details as soon as we get them all worked out.