Friday, June 21, 2013

My Canadian Art.

The View From the Lake Made Her Smile

With Canada Day fast approaching, I have the Canadian flag on my mind. I was eight years old when the national flag of Canada (the maple leaf) was created and came into use. I remember walking around with my small paper flag on a stick waving it in the air for days. In my family, I'm first generation Canadian so I'm pretty sure this had alot to do with my enthusiasm. It wasn't until later when I learned the actual events that lead up to this special time in Canada's history. 

'The View From the Lake Made her Smile' is one of two paintings I've done with the Canadian flag as subject. I did take inspiration from Charles Pachter (my Canadian idol) but that's entirely another blog post. 

It's available at Arts on Queen in Toronto. I think it would look stunning in a lakefront cottage or a lofty condo.