Monday, March 18, 2013

Works In Progress.

March has been all about studio time and painting. I have 12 paintings in various stages of completion and 3 that have been finished and signed. They still need to be varnished but I'll devote a whole day or 2 to varnishing once all have been finished and signed.

Close to finished

I wanted to go larger with the mini (6x6) restaurant signs I did last year for the Festival of Smalls and so I'm working on 30x30 canvases. This size seems to be my sweet spot for now as it frees me up to paint a little looser. Something I've been striving for. Loose and painterly. There are a few abstracts on the go as well but I won't share those on the blog until I get a few done (at least 6) in the series.

Halfway done

I've been keeping some exciting news under wraps for quite awhile now. I can say that I've been working very closely with my publisher for the past year. Stay tuned...