Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Original Cityscape on Cityline and Chatelaine Magazine March Issue.

It happened again this morning. While clearing off my work table and preparing to set out my paints for the morning, the television was set to Cityline as today was the Chatelaine edition on Cityline.

Tracy Moore and Kimberley Seldon were discussing small spaces and then introduced a taped segment with Julia Black, associate home editor of Chatelaine magazine. Julia was showing her beautiful living space, and there on the wall was one of my original cityscapes.

These two photos were taken right off my television screen. This will always be such a big thrill for me. Seeing where my paintings end up. I work so hard on them and the cityscapes in particular take me so long to complete. Then I drop them off to a gallery and that's it. They go out into the world. I'm so grateful that I see them pop up here and there, on television or in a magazine.

So I'd like to put this out there. If you happen to read this blog and have purchased one of my paintings either from a gallery or perhaps from me personally at an art show, how about taking a photo of it in your space and send it along to me. I would greatly appreciate it and even share it on the blog with your permission.

Later in the day (after I had already posted this article) I was notified by Julia that the story featured on the Chatelaine edition of Cityline, was also in the March issue of Chatelaine Magazine.

There it is on the wall. Page 81 in the spread 'Room to Grow'

'Quiet City Street' 36x30 Acrylic on Canvas

A special thank you to Art Interiors, Kimberley Seldon, Julia Black, Chatelaine Magazine and Cityline.