Sunday, November 11, 2012

Inspiration Overflow.

Last week I dug out my inspiration board from our downstairs storage locker. It's been over two years since we moved and it's been sitting down there ever since. My inspiration board is a purchased cork bulletin board that I framed in a some what ornate frame.

I pulled from my many files of torn magazine pages and paper bits that I've saved over many years. After setting up a pleasing display of pictures, images, and colors that are inspiring me at the moment I set them with clear pins.

These pages come from my mountains of magazines, a nice combination of art, design, home, decor, craft, food, travel etc. etc. The 'Warhol' is a mixed media piece I created just for myself. You can see my process here.

Inspiration comes from everywhere lately. It seems my mind is racing overtime with creativity. If I wake up in the middle of the night I find it hard to get back to sleep because almost immediately I'm thinking of what to do in the studio the next day and what to paint. A nice problem to have.

Inspired by color, the season, changing and falling leaves, the sky, magazines, walking around my neighborhood, nightlife, bright lights, great music, learning new things, love, an occasional Ghirardelli square, blogs, books, inspiring people, life.

And of course my studio cats Iggy and Nami. They are the perfect companions to long quiet days alone in the studio.

I'd love to hear what your inspiration is.