Thursday, July 5, 2012

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2012.

Backyards at Bleeker St. by artist Nandor Horthy
Acrylic on canvas

The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition takes place this weekend, July 6-8 in Nathan Philips Square. This is Toronto's longest running and most well known art show. I will be working the show this year but not with my paintings. 

I'll be helping out fellow artist, my father Nandor Horthy. At 84 years of age my dad is still going strong doing what he loves-putting paint to canvas. Although he's slowed down in the number of shows and events he participates in he still paints daily, sees clients at his home/studio and is an active member of  HUVAC, the Hungarian Visual Artists of Canada.

If you are planning to attend the show be sure to stop by. You can't miss Nandor's booth as he is right out at the front of the show on Queen Street West. Booth # 325