Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Summer DIY.

I have been a little obsessed with this color palette lately. Earth and Sky from Benjamin Moore 2012 Color Trends. Sharkskin, fresh olive, battenburg, storm cloud gray and wythe blue.

I like them so much that I decided to get myself some sample sized pots to play with. I purchased sharkskin (the darker of the 2 grays) wythe blue, fresh olive, and battenburg.

As if I didn't have enough projects and painting commitments on the go, I decided that this was the time to start (and finish) a big DIY that's been on my mind. I've seen some stunning designer carpets. Carpets that look like art. Floor art. At the moment they are way out of my budget, so until I can purchase one I'm making my own canvas floor cloth.

Before I start on the actual canvas I've been working on some smaller test pieces. The Benjamin Moore paints are great to work with. The consistency is perfect for blending. When I'm done I'll be sure to give it a few coats of Stays Clear to protect it and make it durable. Stay tuned for the finished carpet. I have the best intentions to have it finished by the end of summer. 

*I have not received any payment or gifts from Benjamin Moore for this post. I just really like their products. :-)