Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is Anyone Even Reading This??

The universe sends us what we need when we need it. Of this I'm sure. If you read my blog with some regularity (Thank You!) you will have noticed that my posts have been few and far between. Of course a lovely long weekend in Chicago had something to do with this, but it's been like this for awhile now. I go through my 'phases' with technology, embracing it at times and wanting to get as far away from it as I can some days.

Most of the time I just want to be in the studio creating. Putting paint to canvas and working on my 10,000 hours so I can become a 'successful' artist. But that's only half of it. To be a 'successful' artist I must embrace the business side of it as well. Marketing myself. Getting my work out there in person via art shows or galleries and shouting 'here I am and here is my art, won't you buy some?' on Twitter and facebook. An artist friend suggested I get on Youtube. Me? Seriously?

And there it was in my inbox this morning. The email from Alyson B. Stanfield. An email with a link to artbizblog and an article titled 'A Simple Structure for Creating Content' (Insert cartoon bubble with the word POW here.) Now I've been reading artbizblog for awhile and I even have a copy of Alyson's book I'd Rather be in the Studio that I borrowed from a friend, but the timing of this email almost floored me.

Perhaps because I spent a good hour last night in discussion with E about feeling overwhelmed and stuck and stagnant in my art career. How I'm tired of having to blog when I feel that no one even reads it. How I feel ready to take it to the next level all the while trying to stifle the nasty voices in my head. The ones that say 'You can't do that' 'You should do this' 'Who do you think you are' etc. etc. Even if you're not an artist reading this, you probably know what I mean.

I've been feeling these rumblings for awhile now. Maybe 'creating content' will mean that I have to share more through this blog. I've always thought that my blog should be strictly business. Show what I'm working on, what influences my work at the moment, upcoming shows, to get an audience and of course to sell my art. But it can all seem very cold and impersonal. I always intended to keep my personal life out of it. And definitely no whining allowed!. I hate that.

So please be patient with me. Changes are happening. The irons are in the fire so to speak. I'll be working on my blogging skills and all that tech stuff. The blog will be changing and my website will be under construction for awhile. I will be reading artbizblog and brushing up on all that business stuff. Apparently you CAN teach an old dog new tricks :-)