Monday, April 16, 2012

Karen Kearney, ZeeZee Chalkboards and BONBON.

Sometimes you meet someone new and it seems like you've been friends forever. It was like that for me when I met Karen for the first time. I had seen her art, her creations, and her mural work on her website, friended her on Facebook and started following her tweets. It wasn't long before she invited me to her home for a 'painting day' with a few other like minded creative women. Finding we had so much in common, we became fast friends.

As a creative entrepreneur Karen wears many hats. She is a well established mural artist and faux finish expert and has worked with and continues to work with corporate clients such as Labatt, Joe Badali's, Hooters, Sloppy Joe's, just to name a few. Her murals grace the walls of many homes and businesses.

A large part of Karen's creative energy gets channeled into her custom chalkboards with ZeeZee Chalkboards. Classy custom chalkboards for home & business. Karen meticulously designs, carves and paints each one to her clients request. They get shipped off  all over North America. She is busily creating a set of 3 for her newest client in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was last year during one of our creative brainstorming coffee sessions that Karen created the BONBON and instantly I knew I had to be involved. We were discussing how much art we both have and that we both wanted to do a studio sale. This evolved into having other artisans join as well as other like minded entrepreneurial woman. And so the BONBON was created.  A one day event for shopping, networking and so much more. Draws for prizes of original art and assorted 'bling' and 'swag'. Business card swap. Please check out the full list of creative talented women taking part in the BONBON here on the blog. The BONBON on Facebook.   Grab a girlfriend and join us.

Saturday April 28, 10-5
1437 Gibson Drive, Oakville, Ontario 

All images are courtesy of ZeeZee Chalboards.