Friday, February 17, 2012

Studio Update.

Gossip  8x10  Acrylic on Canvas
Is it too early to experience spring fever? It's certainly been an easy winter here in Toronto this year. No mounds of snow to shovel or slush to trudge through. Sure there have been very gray days and rain, but that's ok by me. The sunny days are especially nice and I welcome a little spring fever. 

There are lots of projects on the go here in my studio which equals less blog posting. I'm currently painting a new series of cityscapes, as well as a new series of smaller bird paintings. Getting ready for an upcoming show in April (details to come soon) and plans are in the works for a special 'artisan' event, and I do mean 'event'. This will be BIG-details will be unveiled shortly.

The old masters oil painting class is coming along nicely and the Thursday night class has evolved into Tuesday afternoons also, as a couple of students have decided to do another different still life painting for practice. And of course I'm doing a third on my own, in acrylics but using the same technique. Could we have a few more hours in a day please!

Whatever you are up to this weekend, I hope it's a great one. Enjoy.