Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making Scents of it All.

When Bath and Body Works came to Canada a couple of years ago, I was very excited because I had been purchasing their wonderful scented lotions, hand sanitizers, shower gels and air fresheners on my trips to the U.S. I use the wallflowers bulbs to freshen the air in our home and sometimes to help mask the smell of my paints and mediums.

I noticed for the past couple of days that I've been slow to start in the mornings which is not my usual way as I'm definitely a "morning" person. I also noticed that I was more laid back than usual when it came to painting and found it a bit harder to concentrate and focus my thoughts. Then I realized that I had been using the wallflowers aromatherapy "stress release" scent. It's combination of eucalyptus and spearmint is so nice and soothing. Maybe a little too soothing in this case!!

This morning before I started in the studio I made sure I switched to the orange ginger scent which is energizing. Honestly, it made a big difference in how I worked and felt. I really felt I had more energy and wasn't so laid back in my painting. Got to love the effects of aromatherapy!!

I also really like using the Bath and Body Works foaming soaps. The fresh "ocean-y" water scents are my faves.

Please note, I have not received any monies or gifts for mentioning Bath and Body Works products, I just thought I'd share them with you. (but hey, Bath and Body Works,!! if you'd like to send a little something my way for the mention that would be very nice of you!)