Thursday, November 24, 2011

San Francisco Vertigo Tour.

My husband and I really enjoy the films of Alfred Hitchcock. Released in 1958, Vertigo takes place in San Francisco, so of course we had to find some of the places seen in the film. Apparently we are not the only ones that had this in mind as there is a 'Vertigo' tour of San Francisco available here.

We started our tour at Fort Point. The southern foot of the Golden Gate Bridge where Madeleine jumps into the water.

Typically foggy and very windy, there were lots of people in the area. Tourists, joggers and even a few brave surfers. I made sure not to catch them in my photos. I wanted to get the full "Hitchcock" effect.

The sound of the fog horn along with the sounds of the waves crashing into the base of the bridge set a suspenseful mood.

It was so beautiful the way the bridge just disappeared into the fog. No wonder this is considered to be the most photographed bridge in the world.

This is where Scottie's apartment would have been. At the very top of the shot you can see Lombard Street. The most crooked street in the world (?) well, San Francisco for sure.

1000 Mason Street, right across from the Fairmont Hotel where we stayed. This is where Madeleine lived.

And finally the Palace of Fine Arts. In reality this is a remnant of the 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition. In the movie Vertigo, Scottie and Madeleine would stroll near here.

I hope you enjoyed my little 'Vertigo' tour of San Francisco. This was considered to be one of Hitchcock's best films.