Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Painting the Inspiration.

It seems like ages since I've stood in front of my easel with paintbrush in hand. Today it's a must, to get some of the inspiration gathered from my trip onto canvas.

San Francisco view from the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Inspired by the excitement of travel. The new sights, smells and sounds. The vastness of sky along the coast, cool salt water breezes, and local birds.

Seagulls on San Francisco Bay.

Driving south along the coast near big Sur.

My aim has been to "loosen up" in my painting as seen here and here. So for now I'm happy painting clouds and birds and hearing the ocean waves as I work in my studio.

Here are the preliminary drawings of gulls and a background that I started this morning. Layers and layers of cool and warm colors applied freely. Stay tuned for the finished painting.