Thursday, August 11, 2011


At ten years of age if someone had asked me "what's your favorite season?" without hesitation I would've answered summer. The seemingly endless days home from school without a care in the world, friends, and fun. That was my summer.

As an adult the seasons for me are all about the senses. Sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste.

Spring is a visual explosion of fresh greens, pinks, whites, and yellows. Buds and blooms. New beginnings. Hope

Summer is sensual. Hot humid days and steamy nights. Beaches. The waves lapping at the shore. Biting into cold crisp watermelon.

Autumn is cool breezes that can turn into a cold wind. Gray skies with bursts of yellow and red from leaves so bright they almost look artificial.

Winter is quiet and still. Lacy frost on windows. Giant snowflakes falling gently like feathers onto a frozen pond.

I'm grateful that I live in an area that has all four seasons because each one brings me so much joy. How about you, what's your favorite season?