Monday, July 11, 2011

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2011

The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition celebrated it's 50th year this past weekend. I didn't participate this year but I did attend as a visitor and was blown away with all the talent. It's always fun to see fresh new artists and some regulars exhibiting their work. 

I'm happy I took the long walk north to the students section and discovered the figurative paintings of Adrienne Dagg. Fresh out of Concordia University her paintings-especially this one, had me in her booth for quite awhile.

I was also really impressed by Laura Culic's new encaustic work. Well known for her moody landscapes Laura's new encaustc paintings speak to my soul.

Other artists' work that I really enjoyed were Marie Rioux, Lauren Satok, Elizabeth LenniePeter Rotter, Dorion Scott