Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Texture in Mixed Media and Altered Books.

It's hard to believe that a whole year has passed since the altered book collaboration with Inner Works was completed. Working with Supria, Veronica, Roxanne, Seth, and Jill was a highpoint for me and has left me with a new love and appreciation for mixed media art.

Although most of my painting is done on stretched canvas, lately I've been adding more and more texture and including other mixed media techniques along with my painting.

It's all about texture these days and I've been adding it to my canvases with tissue paper and acrylic medium, acrylic modeling paste, magazine pages and natural papers, and even some unexpected items such as rocks, shells, feathers and bones. I'll be unveiling these new works shortly so stay tuned!

Meeting the other artists (virtually) involved with Inner Works was such a wonderful learning experience and I'm happy to say I still follow their blogs and keep in touch. Seth's blog, The Altered Page is a must read daily for me as it is a huge resource of anything and everything mixed media, and Seth's art speaks to my soul.

Revisit the Inner Works blog and you can see the transformation of the books and the different stages and takes on the themes by each of the artists involved.