Thursday, January 13, 2011

Property Brothers on W Network.

Marsh and Sky
Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas

Have you seen Property Brothers yet? It's a new show on W network. The Property Brothers (twin brothers) Jonathan and Drew Scott have a real knack for finding down and out fixer uppers and transforming them into perfect properties for their clients.

I was contacted by one of the production assistants last year, as they were looking for artwork for the offices on the show. I was happy to provide them with Marsh and Sky and Cloudscape for the shoot, which is still ongoing. I Caught the first 2 episodes and was happy to see my work right there on the walls when the guys are speaking with their clients. This still blows me away, to see my work on tv. I guess the only thing that could top this is to see my work on the big screen. Ok, that's going on my goals list :-)

Edited Jan 24.  I only realized now that I originally posted Sky and Sea as the second painting used on the Property Brothers show when it should be Cloudscape 40x40. I've changed the photo and text. ooops!