Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to Reality

Today is an odd day. I'm feeling somewhat disoriented and stuck under mounds of laundry. Last night we returned from a weeks vacation and I'm easing myself back into it slowly. Last week I was in New York City on a whirlwind for 4 days. The last time I was in NYC was 22 years ago and to say it's changed is an understatement. It was hot, muggy, crowded with tourists, noisy, a little smelly, and so full of beauty that at times I almost cried. I love New York and if I could afford to live there I'd move in an instant. I had big plans of contacting people when I arrived. Seth and Jill are both based there. It would've been the perfect opportunity to meet these 2 wonderfully talented artists from Inner Works, the altered book collaborative that I've been working with. I was thinking of you both even though I didn't get in touch. Sorry!! I was under pressure from the moment we arrived. I only had 4 days to do everything on my list of about 250 places, galleries, stores, museums, tours etc. that I wanted to do and see. I didn't get very far on my list but that's a good thing, that means I'll have to go back very soon. I'm sure in some past life I was a native New Yorker. The t shirts are right. I Love New York!!!!