Friday, June 19, 2009


photo courtesy of Erik Vindedzis

I used to take stock of my life and the way things were going every New Year's Eve. All this changed in 1991 when my son was born on December 31st. After that, all my New Year's eves were making sure I gave him the best birthday I could, which became harder as he grew up and realized that all the celebrating, balloons, fireworks and noise makers were not exactly all just for him. So I moved "taking stock of my life" to my birthday. That will be next week and for days now as I've been going about my chores, and painting and taking care of my art business I've been listing all that I'm grateful for in my head. My Health. My family and my friends. The list goes on and on. I was reminded of this poem which became an internet favorite and later a popular song and video.

I'll be finishing three paintings today and making a delivery to a gallery but after that I'm taking a long weekend to celebrate Father's Day and then my birthday. I'm going to...

enjoy some pampering.
a little shopping
watch the British Grand Prix
help make a father's day breakfast to have while watching the race
watch a couple of dvd's
visit my dad
a margarita (or two)
definitely champagne
more shopping
eat chocolate