Monday, May 25, 2009

Chocolate helps me think.

Mmmmmmmm. Look at it, so cool and almost hard to break and yet, as soon as it touches your tongue it starts melting. Sweet deliciousness!! I love chocolate. Who doesn't? And this is the good stuff. Lindt 70% cocoa. The one with the antioxidants that's actually good for you. You'd be silly not to have a piece every day, after all it's for your health. Chocolate helps me think. Really, it does and I'm helping myself to a few pieces as I have a lot of thinking to do. I usually feel somewhat lost when I've completed a body of work as I just have, for my upcoming gallery show. That "what's next" feeling. I've been looking over photos I've taken and sketches and drawings in my journals and sketchbooks. Today as I walked to the bank I looked for inspiration everywhere. Camera in hand, I recorded as much as I could. something is bound to inspire me for a new series of paintings. And later as I'm looking over the new photos, I'll be enjoying my chocolate. Thinking.