Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year

January 1st in Montreal Canada

And so here we are. It's 2009. Was it not just yesterday that we ushered in a new millennium? Seems so. I have a very optimistic feeling about this year. I guess I'd rather see that glass half full as opposed to half empty. How about you? I started my blog exactly one year ago and I reached 100 posts in that one year. It's coming along quite nicely I think, and is slowly growing in the direction that I've mapped out. I've also met some wonderful blogging friends along this journey. While taking some time off I came up with this little blog manifesto.
1. I started my blog for shameless self promotion. It is to be a vehicle to get my art and my name "out there". To inform my readers, collectors and clients about upcoming events and gallery shows that I'm participating in.
2. This blog works together with my website, other blog(s) and Etsy shop to promote my artwork and (hopefully) increase sales.
3. I will openly and honestly share my creative process as a way to inspire and ignite a creative spark in others.
4. I will share as best I can the positive and negative aspects of what it's like (for me) to be living a creative life as a proffessional working artist.
5. I will share aspects of my personal life and "what's going on in my world" but I will not share all the details of my personal life.