Saturday, December 20, 2008

Technical Difficulties!!!

The last few days have been crazy here. I finished up the last of my custom orders on Thursday which was a good thing. Friday brought the first real snowstorm of the season. An all day event, we got 25 centimeters of snow (8 inches) and frigid temperatures. Thankfully we didn't receive any freezing rain. I woke up early to check my email and read some blogs and I couldn't get the computer to start up. Frustrated, I turned on the morning news and waited patiently until it was time for my husband Egils to get up for work. Finally up and in a bit of a rush to get off to work ahead of the coming storm, he had a look to see what the problem was. Insert curse words here! Off to work, the problem would have to be looked at later. Today, this is what part of the studio looks like. So as you can see, I'm having technical difficulties, to say the least. Hopefully I can get back some of what has been lost and it's business as usual in the new year. The brighter side of all this is that there are a couple of laptops that I can use in the meantime and I'm learning how to use a different operating system.