Friday, November 21, 2008

TGIF and Two More in the Series.

Thank you so much to everyone that commented and to all of you that sent emails regarding my new mixed media paintings. It's wonderful to get immediate feedback and this is something that I've been missing lately. Having my work in the galleries is a totally different experience than doing an outdoor art show or a trade show in that it does not provide me with an opportunity to get feedback and to talk about my work with art enthusiasts and the buying public. My blog is the perfect tool for me to share new work, thoughts, and ideas and get a response. I've even been thinking that I'd like to do an outdoor art show or two next summer. I stopped doing them a few years back as I didn't really like the fact that the weather wouldn't co-operate with the artists! The paintings above are the last two in my small series of mixed media paintings. There are two groups really as "Winter Berries" goes with all the nature inspired branches/birds and "Brooklyn Bridge" goes with the skaters and the roller coaster paintings that I posted here before and have since sold. They are available for purchase here.

It's been a hectic week so I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I should be able to squeeze at least an hour of relaxing me time into it. Last week I mentioned about being involved in something very fun and creative over the weekend, well tomorrow is my second class of a workshop that runs over 3 Saturdays. I'll post details and some photos here next week. I hope you all get to do something fun over the weekend.