Friday, November 28, 2008

Link Love # 3

I found blog love almost two years ago when I started reading Decor8. We were planning a trip to Boston in the summer of 2007 and I discovered this to be a great blog to find out about shopping in the area. It's great to see how Holly and Decor8 have grown since then, becoming the blog to read about design/decor, and to be introduced to new trends, artists, shops, books and so much more. I've also discovered some great blogs and bloggers through Decor8. I fell upon Esprit *d'Art through commenting on another blog and felt a connection instantly. I like how that happens sometimes, when you feel that the words you're reading could have come out of your own mouth. Thanks Sherry! For some absolutely wonderful reading and great photography check out Wind Lost. Terri is an engineer who loves the arts and home decor. Mimi Charmante has become a place I visit. I was captured by photographs of food, who can resist? I always drop in on Hushed Serenity when I need a few quiet moments. Kristan's blog is a glimpse into the world of a young writer-a future author in the making? And then there's the blog Thoughts... Some great photography and an interesting read. I'm rather partial to Thoughts... as it's my sons blog.

I'm part of two group shows starting this week so I'll be posting the images of some of my paintings that are included in those. Above is "Urban Sky" 30x30 acrylic on Canvas and it's at Leonardo Gallery

And the winner is... Supria. I'll be contacting you to get your mailing address.