Friday, September 5, 2008

What a Mess!!

Today was spent getting down and dirty and playing in the studio. I got out a huge assortment of paints and mediums and brushes and rollers and spent the morning painting backgrounds. This is the most fun. I'm not worried about coming up with finished pieces today, just playing with paints and textures. Sometimes you just have to let your inner child out to play.
I really like how my red brayer stands out in this photo. I kept my colors fairly neutral today. Warm beiges, light gray some bronze and a little touch of lime green.
Here are some finished pieces. I've already collaged some of my own photos onto the paper. I'll be working on these backgrounds later adding some other elements, drawing, some more collage perhaps. I find working on mixed media pieces so freeing. I guess I never really outgrew my love for cutting and pasting!
My papers and supplies are spread out all over the studio floor. That's their cue. Nami came to help.
So did Iggy. Have a great weekend everyone!